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In 1895, a group of thoughtful undergraduates founded an organization to be known as the Harvard Memorial Society to commemorate men of the College who had fallen in the Civil War. Before much time had passed, the meaning of the name changed as the Society transferred its interests to the study and preservation of Harvard history and traditions. Commemorative tablets and plaques were scattered about the College to remind students of the long and significant story which Harvard had behind her. Interest was considerable, and many leaders of undergraduate activities became prominently associated with it. However, the years ushered in the doldrums, and by 1936, the Society was practically extinct.

Most propitious of all possible times for a revival was the Tercentenary, and the Society arose out of its ashes when it posted lists of former room occupants in Yardling halls. With the cooperation of the Freshman Union Committee, its existence was again publicized, and this year it reaches its second maturity as it looks forward to a definite schedule of activities. The avowed purpose is the glorification of the traditions of Harvard, and to this end it is making a study of the archives of the University.

Unique among college organizations is the Harvard Memorial Society, and no more fitting school could foster it than Harvard, whose history is longer and grander than that of any other American college. The searching out and the preservation of the tradition which have too often been forgotten must certainly be a worthwhile occupation. The fact that it has in the past attracted such eminent names as Roosevelt, Adams, Lodge, and Hart attests to its worth. Useful and commendable are the services which its can perform in the future.

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