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Reports Progress Made by Candidates for Key Line and Backfield Positions; Coach Off of University of Wisconsin to Help Instruct At Spring Practice Session at Madison


Harlow departs for the University of Wisconsin at Madison today. He will be there May sixth and seventh to assist coach Harry Stuheidreher in teaching cross blocking and single wing attack.

Although he would not make a statement regarding the promise of the 1938 team, Head Coach Dick Harlow, expressed himself as satisfied with the results obtained from the five weeks of spring football practice just concluded, because of the development of a number of inexperienced players which he hopes will make a definitely better team.

This year's spring practice was the most consistently attended spring practice of any Harvard has had since Dick Harlow came to Cambridge in the spring of 1935. The average daily attendance was sixty-one, seven more than was the case a year ago.

The squad played two practice games the second of which showed hard hitting and hard tackling, comparable with the spring practice games of a year ago.

Different than was the case last spring when Harlow strove to develop team work and hard hitting, this practice was primarily planned to develop individuals for positions vacated by graduating seniors.

Harlow said that he expected to have a smaller varsity squad than usual next fall and indicated that he would keep three teams. He listed fifty one players whom he considered foremost candidates. They are listed by positions.

ENDS--Capt. Green '39 Daughters '39, Jameson '39, Koufman '41, Perkins '41, Haydock '41, Maguire '40, Hoar '40, Kelly '40.

TACKLES--Booth '39, Hallett '40, Healey '40, Downing '40, Shallow '40, Armstrong '40, Elser '41, Underwood '41, Jenkins '39, Tewksbury '41.

GUARDS*--Wilson '39, Glueck '39, Mellen '39, Lowry '41, Brown '41, Lacey '41, Snyder '39, Cordingley '40, C. Curtis '41.

CENTERS--Russel '39, Fearon '39, L. Harder '41, Cheever '39.

WING BACKS--MacDonald '40, R. Burnett '39, Sargeant '41, Jones '39, Thompson '40.

FULLBACKS--Smith '39, Bailey '40, Gardella '41, Cohen '39.

BLOCKING BACKS*--Boston '39, Coleman '40, Johnson '39, F. Curtis '40.

TAIL BACKS*--Foley '39, Harding '39, C. Burnett '41, Devine '40, James '41, Donahue '41.

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