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The competition for Freshman Football manager, long recognized as one of the outstanding and most worthwhile extra-curricular activities for Freshmen, will begin on Wednesday, September 28, at 1:30 o'clock in the Varsity Club; This completion offers Freshmen not only an excellent way of meeting a great number of their classmates, as well as men in other classes, but afford them a chance to get acclimated in Harvard in short order. It provides, moreover, an influence on first-year men which tends to prevent them from being overwhelmed by the complete freedom of college life.

The competition will consist of work on the fields with the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams as well as some work in the locker rooms of these teams. The assignments of the competitors are so rotated from day to day that each gets an equal share of the work with each team.

On game days, the candidates are divided between the Freshmen and Varsity games with the majority of them working with the Varsity. Again, of course, the work is rotated so that each man gets acquainted with the duties of the different jobs. It might be worthwhile to mention here that there are usually one or two competitors that go with the teams on the trips.

The competition will end the night of the Varsity game with Chicago, November 5, so as to give the winning candidate, who will be in charge of the Freshman game Yale, and his selected assistants, a week to prepare for it. From this competition, several men are chosen to compete in the Sophomore year for the post of assistant manager their Junior year and Varsity manager their Senior Year. An assistant Junior Varsity manager and assistant head Freshman manager are also picked from this sophomore competition. The leading candidate in the Freshman competition is awarded his numerals and is in charge of the Freshmen game with Yale.

In the old days, this competition was regarded as a worthwhile grind that men had to fight in, but in which they considered the punishment worth what they got out of it. Due to the increased amount of time that a student has to put on his work, however, the work has been cut down a great deal, and instead of causing men's mark's to fall, has in many cases aided with their work as it provided a regulating influence without which they would have been lost in the first few months of college.

Freshmen will find that this competition offers not only a great opportunity for getting to know other men, but that it tends to other positions and gives a man a chance to get a lot more out college than he otherwise would.

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