Unwilling Cambridge Politician Pushed For Office in Face of Stigmatic Slogan

Thomas Leary Thinks Well of His Chances Despite Cry of "Be Wary of Leary"

Cambridge politics are a funny thing, as those as yet uninitiated to them will soon find out. This summer the boys at the poles were still at it.

When Thomas H. Leary, special Cambridge police officer, returned from his vacation, he was alarmed to find that a practical joker had field papers for him as a candidate for delegate to the Democratic state convention.

What really picqued Leary, however, was that already opponents had started popularizing the catching slogan, "Be Wary of Leary." Being a fighting man Leary retaliated by announcing a platform, including such tid-bits as:

"Take care of my wife and family first; relatives second; public last."

"Attend all dinners, funerals and weddings: Judge all beauty contests, be godfather for all new babies."


"Put more 'men working' signs on all projects."

"Put a hospital ambulance in every fire house or any other place but the hospital."

Now Leary is really in the thick of the fight. "People seem to be tickled to death with my platform," he told the CRIMSON, "they all say they're going to vote for me. I'm swamped with phone calls."

As a matter of fact Leary is getting worried, since his chances look so promising. "I've found out all these politicians are members of every kind of club," he said, "so I've announced that I am not and never will be a member of the Elks, the Eagles, the Red-Jackets, or the Fat Men's Club. Now I'm sure to get licked."