Harvard Freshman Calls Republican Volunteers to Break Georgian Strike

Fred J. Sears '42 Says No Waiting Experience Is Needed, Will Work Without Pay

Fred J. Sears '42, who styles himself the "Last Republican in Harvard," put in a call last night for 50 students to help him break the Georgian strike, and 600 to "show those (censored) truce breaking truck strikers."

Sears said that the volunteers, to work for the Georgian without compensation until the strike is called off, need not have any particular experience as waiters. "If they're real Republicans with their heart in it, they'll pick it up fast enough."

A 200 pound six footer who has a scholarship, Sears played on the Freshman football team this fall. During the summer he sold ice 12 hours a day for $20 a week; he has driven trucks for his father, who has a small paper hauling business operating from North Attleborough.

He disapproves of the "pitched battle of the classes," but declared that "labor is being babied too much here." His father's truckmen are well satisfied, he said, and have stuck to their wheels through the current dispute.

When he read of the killing of the truck driver by a "mob" yesterday, Sears rushed through a long distance call to his father. He begged for permission to ride with the next truck into Boston, Sears senior who often drives his trucks himself, denied his son's plea to "get in on it," and his mother ordered him to stay out of any strike mix ups in Cambridge. "If I can get some support I won't stay out of anything," he proclaimed.


Sears said he was exhausted every evening from arguing politics in classes with his instructors and fellow students, and after classes, with his dormitory mates. When told that other Republicans were enrolled in the school, in spite of all indication, he declared: "Thank God, there's still hope for the world."