Enrollment Lists 46 Countries, All States This Year

Canada Leads With 54 Out Of Total of 258 Foreign Students; Mass. Heads States

Students from 46 foreign countries and U.S. possessions, and from every state in the Union are among the 8,583 enrolled at Harvard University this year, according to a geographical listing made public at the university today.

The foreign representation has mounted in recent years. This year there are 258 foreign students, as compared with 249 last year from 44 foreign countries and U.S. possessions, 221 the year before, and 207 the year before that.

Massachusetts Leads

Every state in the Union is represented among the 8,825 students from the United States. Massachusetts, with 2,927 students, has the largest representation, followed by New York, with 1437; Pennsylvania, with 424; Ohio, 326; New Jersey, 310; Illinois, 276; California, 260; and Connecticut, 286.

Outside of the United States, Canada, leads with 54 students, followed by China, 31; England, 28; Hawaii, 25; Franco, 14; Germany, 14; Phillippines 9; Japan, 7; Italy, 6; Cuba, 5; and India and Switzerland, 4 each.

Other countries represented include Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Guatemala, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Holland, Hungary, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Roumania, Siam, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Vonezuela, and Wales.