Colonel Apted Swoops Upon "Geer" After Emergency Call From Claverly

Alleged Spurious Cloth Salesman Released After Promise Not to Trespass

Wanted for alleged misrepresentation of imported goods by the Cambridge police, "Peter Geer," a legitimate cloth salesman of good Cambridge family, was picked up in Claverly Hall for trespassing Friday afternoon by Colonel Charles Apted, Head of the University Police.

Geer was taken to the Cambridge police department, where the legitimacy of his wares apparently was established. He was released, it was reported, after signing a statement, drawn up by Colonel Apted, that he would not show up at Harvard again. This was no reflection on the quality of Goer's goods; it was merely in line with the policy to rid the dormitories of salesman.

While Geer was downstairs gathering his samples, W. Richardson '41, and J. Torney '41, whom he was attempting to sell, phoned Colonel Apted that the man they had red about in the CRIMSON that morning as wanted both by the Colonel and the Cambridge police was in their room.

"All right, Geer, pack up. You're coming with me," snapped the Dean of the University police from under his Tyrolean hat, the moment he arrived on the scene. "Don't you know you shouldn't be hero?" he added. According to earwitnesses, Geer immediately lost the beautiful English account which had graced his sales talk. "I didn't know that at all," he protested.

From a candid camers photograph, taken by a drama-conscious customer, Colonel Apted had suspected Geer of being related to a salesman jailed for similar activities several years ago. He declined to state whether or not his suspicions were confirmed.