Bill Flanagan Wants "Clean" Campaign In Fight With Sullivan for City Council

Denies He Runs Craps Parlors, Is Not Interested in Bar-Fly Supporters

William (Call me "Bill") Flanagan wants a clean campaign fought on impersonal issues in his hurly burly fight with Michael A. Sullivan for the Cambridge City Council seat from Ward 6, he said last night.

Holding court for his ward workers in his campaign headquarters last night, Bill found it rather difficult to define the issues involved in his campaign for nomination as city councilor.

Flanagan No Bar-Fly

He denied that he had ever been connected with Cambridge gambling and objected to an accusation by Mike Sullivan that he is relying on "bar-fly" votes for his nomination, Mike had stated that Flanagan and his workers ran craps parlors and had even offered to point out where they were located.

Flanagan referred to a statement by the Cambridge police chief that there was no gambling in the city.

When he heard that Mike Sullivan had attacked the Lampoon Building with campaign posters last Saturday night, he threatened to hang his posters on the CRIMSON building.

With the politician's proverbially optimistic smile, Bill said; "All races, creeds, and colors have come to the fore for Flanagan and will vote for him on primary day next Tuesday."

No questions concerning Harvard will come up in the campaign, according to Bill. He referred to Mike's motion in the City Council to change the name of Harvard Square to Washington Square and said: "I have always known where Harvard Square is and so did my grand parents, so I guess there is no need of changing the name."

No Stand on Plan E

He refused to comment about Plan E and about the campaign promise of Al Maguire '40, a candidate in ward 7, to have the proposal for city manager placed on the ballots in the 1940 state election.

Also declining to take on the question of taxing University property, be suggested that there was little the City Council could do to change the financial relationship between Harvard and Cambridge.

His chief rival, Mike Sullivan, led the fight against Plan E last year, and was frequently complained of the heavy burden placed on Cambridge taxpayers because of the great amount of non-taxable land owned by Harvard.

At the end of the interview, Bill asked for Radcliffe banners to hang on the walls of his campaign headquarters. He explained that his one Harvard banner looked lonely without Radcliffe