Backfield Also Lacks Waldstein and Graham--Teamwork Needed Against Powerful Schoolboy Team

When a team of individuals loses five of its most promising members through injuries, the outlook cannot possibly be good. This is the situation that Skip Stahley's Freshman eleven finds itself in as it prepares to face a powerful Worcester Academy this Saturday on the schoolboys' gridiron.

With two linemen out and the whole backfield shot to pieces Stahley has had his work cut out for him all week and still has no backfield selected for Saturday's game. But his greatest problem particularly aggravated by the continued changing of lineup has been to get a team that works together as a team, not just a group of individuals carrying out assignments.

Backfield Problem

Backfield Coach Dave Colwell had his first blow of the week when it was learned that Gordon Lyle, promising St. Paul's wingback, would be out for the season. On top of that Graham is out with a bad foot, Waldstein with a cold, and possibly McNicol with an injured knee.

This leaves as probable starters Goldthwaite, at blocking back, where he showed to advantage against Exeter, Loring at wingback in place of Lyle, Whittier probably at bucking back, and, it is hoped, McNicol at tailback. McNicol has progressed rapidly and is the outstanding prospect after the first three weeks.

Line Still Strong

The situation in the line is considerably better. Chief loss for Saturday's game is Barnes, who has been out with a pulled muscle all week. Into his place at right end stops Chester Jenks, whose chief short-coming seems to be lack of experience, a deficiency generally true of St. Paul's alumni because of their intramural sports policy.

At center John Page will replace John Richardson, benched by injuries. Page is an aggressive, fighting player, who does best backing up the line. Sparkplug of last year's Milton team, he may prove a partial solution to Stahley's quest for a team leader, although he is handicapped by his lightness. Anyway, he should give Richardson a good run for his money when he returns.

Andover's Sosman heads Dick Mane-gold for the running guard berth and though a bit slow in leading interference looks good. At the other guard is Russell Stannard, 180 pound Middlesex star, while the tackles remain in the hands of Bob Fisher and Tom Rogstad, all of whom acquitted themselves well in Saturday's game. Forte remains at left end, where he is pressed by Henry Heyburn.