Honorary Scholarships Are Awarded To 101 High Ranking Undergraduates

Academic Excellence in Last Year's Work Earns Honor For Many Students

One hundred and one undergraduates who attained marked excellence in their work during the past academic year have been awarded Honorary Harvard College Scholarships for the current academic year, as follows:

Alexander Abraham '40, New York, N. Y.

Lee W. Alberts '41, Chicago, III.

Austin S. Ashley ocC, Noroton Heights, Conn.

Elisha Atkins '42, Belmont, Mass.


Nathan F. Banfield 3d '40, Austin, Minn.

Hugh S. Barbour '42, Cincinnati, O.

Herbert L. Berman '40, Brighton, Mass.

Peter L. Bernstein '40, New York, N. Y.

William P. Bidelman Jr. '40, Grand Forks, N. Dak.

Morris B. Blumberg ocC, Terre Haute, Ind.

Robert M. Boyd '41, New York, N. Y.

Leon H. Brachman '42, Marietta, O.

Horace J. Bresler '41, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

Robert B. Broadwater '42, Oakland, Md.