Lyons, Carr Win In Local Voting as Maguire Is Beaten

Sullivan Supporters Celebrate His Defeat of Flanagan In Ward 6

John W. Lyons was re-elected mayer of Cambridge yesterday by one of the largest majorities in the city's history, while incomplete returns last night indicated that Soccer Coach John F. Carr, Jr. '28 would win a berth on the School Committee by a very comfortable margin.

The one Harvard undergraduate to survive the primaries, Albert L. Maguire '40, was roundly defeated for the Ward 7 seat on the City Council by Haven Parker, who received 1798 votes to Maguiro's 1193.

With torch light parades and speeches, City Councilor Michael A. Sullivan celebrated his victory over that "hatchet man" William H. Flanagan. Mike was re-elected Ward 6 councilor by a safe plurality, sweeping Flanagan in his own home precincts.

Sullivanites Rally

Sullivan supporters rallied around the two-fisted Irishman's club on Mt. Auburn Street, when news of the election arrived, and hastily formed a torch-light auto procession which wound its way all through Harvard Square, even on the steps of the Lampoon.


"Thank you all, good people, for the support you have given me," Mike told his friends. "You have seen the low, mean things which that man Willy Flanagan would stoop to in order to defeat me. We have won in spite of him."

Asking his supporters to celebrate his victory quietly, Mike suggested that they lead a peaceful procession through Ward 6 to show "the good people of Cambridge my gratitude for their help.

"Flanagan attempted to steal the election from me," Sullivan said, "only I caught him in the nick of time." Remarking that he found the polling place in the fire station in a "frightful mess," he said, "there is where they would have tried to steal the votes."

In the mayoralty fight, Richard M. Russell lost by more than 6,000 votes in one of the greatest defeats ever received in a Cambridge election. Lyons received 23,319 votes to Russell's 16,912.

The Lyons landslide spelled the end of Russell's political ambitions, according to most observers last night. Three times mayor of Cambridge, and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Russell has suffered three successive defeats.

One of three to be elected to the School Committee, Carr has campaigned continually for a sound health and athletic program for the Cambridge schools