Chambers Will Fly to Washington on Thursday to Sec McIntyre - Other Colleges Aid Drive

As the climax of a University-wide drive for student and faculty signatures, 100 petitions requesting that the embargo on Spanish arms shipments be lifted will be sent by plane to Washington tomorrow to President Roosevelt.

Senior William Chambers will carry the petitions to the capital, where he has arranged for a personal interview with the President's secretary, Marvin McIntyre on the subject of the embargo.

The petitions are being circulated by the Student Union and the Cambridge Teachers' Union throughout the college, the Medical School, and Law School. Late last night over 1000 undergraduates and 300 faculty members had signed the petitions, according to Avram Goldstein '40, student head of the drive.

Addressed to the President, the petition declares that "in the name of 'neutrality' our government is helping to snuff out the life of the Spanish Republic . . . The fall of Barcelona is due in part to an un-neutral policy pursued by the United States, While we refuse to sell arms to the elected government of Spain, we nevertheless impose no restrictions on such sales to Italy and Germany. Thus, unable to supply her men with the most elementary equipment, Barcelona had to succumb . . . to German and Italian arms . . . The interests of peace and sane international relations demand that the arms embargo be lifted . . . ."

The document concludes by citing the opinions of former Secretary of State Henry Stimson, Associate Professor Arthur N. Holcombe, Assistant Professor Payson S. Wild, and Associate Professor Rupert Emerson that the President has the power to lift the embargo himself.

Following the lead at Harvard, 900 Smith students at a mass-meeting yesterday formulated a resolution supporting the stand taken here which has been sent to Chambers to carry to Washington. Mt. Holyoke has also contributed to the drive, sending in a petition to Chambers with 400 signatures.