The Vagabond


They came-that strange four-to live with Vag almost as soon as he had returned to college in September. He chose their names out of the compact little gray course book and later checked up on their families in the Crimson Confidential Guide; but now that they were really going to stay with him, Vag wondered how well they would all get along.

There was Gregory Louis Hamilton, lean and dark, who liked to sit at Vag's desk and write in those great red and black law notchooks. Next came Phil who worked just as hard as Gregory, but he seemed to enjoy it a little more. He would sink deep into the armchair, suck on his pipe which was seldom lit, and nod at the thick volume propped up on his knees. Sometimes it was hard to tell if he was asleep or just reading.

Vag never saw much of George, his third guest, although lie had sent him the first invitation. George was one of those easy-going fellows who could get along with anyone. He always had the radio on when he worked so that he was really listening to the radio and not working.

The fourth guest puzzled Vag the most-Sophia. She was always bothering Vag to buy books or take them out of the library; then she'd ask him to read them to her. Sometimes he would-that is when she looked pretty, but there was never a girl whose appearance varied more from day to day.

Well, they all lived with Vag and he didn't pay much attention to any of them, especially during the football season. But Gregory and Phil were stern fellows and Vag was really a little afraid of them. So he saw that they were comfortable and did little favors for them now and then.

When Christmas vacation came, Vag felt guilty. He took them home with him, but it wasn't much different there.

Back at college Vag got a terrible shock. George and Sophia were sick, very sick. Vag realized it was all his fault and he tended them night and day. Finally, in desperation, he called in the doctor who treated George for twenty dollars. The next day the crisis came and George passed it safely.

In the meantime Sophia was sinking. Vag got the doctor again and almost all night they worked over Sophia.

The Crisis came at 9:15 in the morning and at the last minute Vag was left alone with Sophia to save her. He tried to remember the doctor's instructions but they all rattled around in his head with a great racket and he could only think that it was too late. She died at 12:15. Vag knew it was murder, but it is a secret he keeps locked in his heart.

Now he will live with Sophia's sister, and he promises to be very good to her.