Race on Ice Floes Results in Arrest

Burr and Blaine Re-enact Little Eva's Dash on Charles, Land in Jail

Little Eva's dash over the ice was reenacted on Saturday on the Charles River by 1. Tucker Burr '39, and Graham Blaine '40 before over 1000 interested spectators, only to rouse the disapproval of the Metropolitan Police.

Burr and Blaine were playing tag and were generally having "entertaining exercise" on the floating ice cakes when Patrolmen Hallion and Appelby of the Metropolitan Police arrived on the scene in answer to an emergency order to rescue "a man who had jumped into the river" from Weeks Bridge.

Patrolman Appelby threw a rope to Burr from Weeks Bridge to attempt a "rescue," but Burr wanted to play tug-o-war.

The affair was ended by the prompt arrest of Burr an charges of "assault and battery," and both were arrested on the charge of violating Rule Eight of the Metropolitan Police which definitely prohibits realistic presentations of "Uncle Tom's Cabin."