H.S.U., With Student, Faculty Backing, Plans Mass Peace Rally; Czech Invasion Film Slated

Harvard Socialist League to Hold Anti-War Strike in Memorial Hall at Same Time

With the backing of five faculty members and 11 prominent undergraduates, the H. S. U. will stage a mass peace rally in the University Theatre at 11 o'clock today. The meeting, called to back the Thomas amendment to the Neutrality Act, will feature the showing of "Crisis", a movie depicting the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

At the same time the Harvard Socialist League will hold a "strike against war" in Memorial Hall with a panel of labor speakers and refusal "to support the government in a war" as the cardinal point on its program.

Karl Deutsch, former Czechoslovakian student and holder of the first Harvard Refugee Scholarship, will speak briefly before the picture is shown at the University Theatre rally.

With the aim of focussing attention on "a positive peace program, designed to throw the economic power, of this country behind the efforts of an aroused world populace to halt the march of fascism," the H. S. U. will seek mass support for the peace policy recently approved by the Harvard-Radcliffe Legislative Congress.

Faculty sponsors are David Wight Prall, professor of Philosophy; Payson Wild, Jr., assistant professor of Government; William H. Cary, assistant Dean; William Y. Elliott, professor of Government; and Zecharian Chaffee. Langdell Professor of Law.

Undergraduates backing the rally are; William N. Chambers '39; Frank Davidson '39; Langdon B. Gilkay '38; Enio Hobbing '40; Ward MacLBussey '40; Torbert Macdonald; Langdon P. Marvin Jr., '41; Raymond Mildenberger '40; John Stillman '40; Richard Sullivan '39; and James Tobin '39.