College Appoints Eight As Yenching Graduate Fellows

$10,000 in Fellowships Is Awarded for Oriental Culture Study

Award of eight graduate fellowships of the Harvard Yenching Institute, totalling $10,000 for study at Harvard in the next academic year, was announced by the University today.

The recipienin are Te-k'un Cheng 1G, of Kulangan, Amoy, China; John IL, Cox 1G, of Naugatuck, Cohn.; James It, Hightower 2G, of Canton, China; Yueh-hwa Lin 2G, of Foochow, China; Bu-yu Teng 1G, of Hunan, China; and Arthur F. Wright 2G, of Portland, Ore.

The Institute contributes annually to the support of several institutions in China and allots to Harvard University sums for the development of teaching and research in the culture of the Far East. Its purpose is to carry on work "appropriate to a graduate school of arts and sciences."