The Moviegoer

At the University

Weird and gloomy epics-in-celluloid haunt the University Theatre this week-end. Temperamental ballerinas and neurotic Victorians are a strange combination, but it turns out to be one of the best bills that has come to the University in many-a-day.

Mogul Goldwyn has outdone himself to make Wuthering Heights not only a faithful representation of the book, making only excusable cuts, but a superb picture. To maintain such a consistent mood of grim decadence is no easy job for a motion picture, yet director, producer, and cast have held that mood and made Wuthering Heights into a tremendously convincing tragedy. But of all those who had a hand in the picture Laurence Oliver deserves the largest share of credit. Here is a Robert Taylor with some guts, a Clark Gable who knows how to act!

"Ballerina" would be worth seeing if there were no one else but a twelve year old brat named Jamie Chariat, one of the few digestable, juveniles on the screen today. There is a great deal more to "Ballerina," however, which makes it doubly worth seeing- some excellent directing which sugar-coats a documentary film on the French Ballet, plenty of good music, some of the best dancing of L'Opera Francais,- all for a couple of bits.