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The arrival of Bertrand Russell, distinguished British philosopher, at the Faculty Club early this morning marks the successful conclusion of the Corporation's defense of its right of appointment and the right of freedom of speech.

Controversy over Russell's theory on companionate marriage, however, is not completely dead. From Thomas J. Dorgan, South Boston politician who two years ago attacked the appointment of Granville Hicks and last year was the leader in bringing action against Russell, came a vitriolic statement deploring the appointment of "America's number 1 filth thrower to America's number 1 University."

Actions Stalled

Dorgan's words, though, were largely in the air, since his action has been turned down from the Massachusetts courts on the grounds of no direct interest. The attempt of Representative McCormack, of which Dorgan was the prime motivator to have Russell deported as a result of legislative action in Congress is likewise stymied in a Congressional hopper.

In New York, Russell's cause is still being fought by the Higher Board of Education, but is lost in a maze of technical difficulties. The root of the trouble is that the city council refused to appeal the McGeehan decision ruling out; Russell and the present attorneys have as yet failed to establish their legal right to act for the Board. That group however, recently voted ten to nine to pursue the case.

Dorgan's held that "every right thinking American should deplore" the appointment and that "his teaching will vitiate the minds of Harvard students." "New York barred him. What's wrong with Massachusetts."

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