Crimson 'Phone Book Comes Out Next Week

Lists Undergraduate and Graduate Phones; Free to Crimson Readers

Over 2400 copies of the fifth annual University telephone directory will be delivered free early next week to CRIMSON subscribers, according to Dana Reed '43, who has just completed directing almost a month of intensive work on the new edition.

Reed stated that all work has been finished except the actual printing now in process. "Ever since 1636," Reed added, "the University has felt the increasing need of a telephone directory, especially since the invention of the telephone. Realizing this need in 1936, the CRIMSON celebrated the tercentenary by publishing the first issue."

This year's book will follow the same general lines of its predecessors, listing all undergraduate telephones as of October 20 and as many graduate numbers as were sent in by mail. Every number on the 500 pages of the latest Boston directory was checked carefully in order not to omit any new number in college.

A charge of 25 cents will be made to non-subscribers for the booklet.