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"In recent times, in the last decade, this right of free education that has become a part of the national life in our land has taken on an added significance because of certain events in certain other lands. For a very large portion of the world that right no longer exists. Almost the first freedom to be destroyed, as dictators take control, is the freedom of learning. Tyranny hates and fears no thing more than the free exchange of ideas, the free play of the mind that comes from education." Franklin D. Roosevelt '04, at Hyde Park on Saturday.

"Between Dr. Butler's position and that taken by the Harvard group there is a gulf which cannot be bridged by compromise. We believe that most educators and most laymen in America stand unequivocally on the liberal side. In fact, the Columbia president is so far out of line we wonder if, according to his own reasoning, he should not 'in ordinary self-respect' resign. If 'to use the prestige of a university relationship to undermine or to tear down the foundations of principle upon which alone that university can rest' calls for severance of the university relationship, Dr. Butler has most eloquently condemned himself."   The Boston Evening Transcript, for Monday.

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