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"I like Harvard over Yale." That's what eight out of thirteen of Boston's sports writers say. They allow the Crimson a total of sixteen touchdowns and one field goal to six touchdowns to the Bulldogs.

Nine focused the spotlight on Charlie Spreyer, praising him as a hard-running back. Willoughby, Bartholemy, and Seymour are nominated as the Yale stars. Here's how the experts put it.

Arthur Siegal of the Traveler: "I'm afraid I can't pick this one. Neither team is exceptional, but the New Haven aggregation is experienced while Harvard has been improving steadily. Yale will have a formidable passing attack on a dry day, but give me Harvard in case of rain. The boys in Blue will have to pierce a strong defense and stop Spreyer."

Huck Finnegan of the Record: "Harvard 10--Yale 0. Once again Harlow has a November team as the performances against Pennsylvania and Brown prove. Spreyer gives Harvard an edge in the backfield, and Peabody makes the Crimson forward wall the stronger of the two."

Hy Hurwitz of the Globe: "Yale on psychology, because Harvard is favored. Underdogs have a way of rising to the occasion in this traditional rivalry. The score will be 14 to 7. I'll take the Yale secondaries over the Harvard backfield, Willoughby and Bartholemy will be headliners for the Blue, and Spreyer will shine for the Crimson."

Arthur Sampson of the Herald: "That strong Crimson defence can stop anything the New Haven boys are capable of throwing against it. Harvard should prevail, 7 to 0. I'll be watching Spreyer and Peabody for Harvard; Bartholemy, Seymour, and Burnam for Yale."

Harold Kaese of the Transcript: "Harvard will come through in a close contest. She'll outscore Yale 14 to 7. Har vard has the better defense, but the Willoughby to Bartholomy passing combination should be able to cross the Crimson goal line. Harlow has a great November team again, and judging by the Pennsylvania and Brown games, the Cambridge offense, sparked by Spreyer, will take the Bulldogs. Both teams improved equally throughout November, but Harvard was better at the start."

Austen Lake of the American: "By virtue of my official position as linesman in the game, I'm prevented from predicting the winner, or commenting on the respective merits of the two teams."

Arthur Duffy of the Post: "On form I'll take Harvard by a 10 to 7 count. Those boys have come along faster than Yale in the last month, and they will be at their peak for this classic. Spreyer will be the outstanding back, and will give the Crimson an edge in the secondaries. I like the Bulldog line."

Joe Cashman of the Record: "The Cambridge boys have been improving all season long, and they put up a tough defense. Don't forget Yale's left-handed passer, Harrison. Throwing unprotected from a right formation, he proved mighty bothersome to Dartmouth. Harvard has the bulge in the backfield and line, but both teams play over their heads in this game. I like Harvard, three touchdowns to one. Don't forget that anything might happen, though--remember last year."

Vic Jones of the Globe: "Season records mean nothing in this game. I won't venture a choice since this is one contest that will be decided on breaks. The Bulldogs are better than their record would indicate. Anderson supplies Yale with a real pass throat. Seymour is a hard running back and a fine punter. Watch for a great battle on the line especially between the guards. I don't have to tell you to keep an eye as Spreyer."

Burt Whitman of the Herald: "The best I can do on this one is to say that everything depends on the boys' mental and physical condition as they take the field. Harvard should prove superior of the ground, but she will have to beat of a dangerous aerial onslaught. The Crimson forward wall has the call over it's rival."

Webb Morse of the Christian Science Monitor: "I favor the Cantabs by a 13 point margin. The Crimson defense is good enough to break up the Yale attack. With good weather, Spreyer should spark Harvard to victory."

Fred Knight of the Traveler: "The Elis have the better passing attack, but they have no harder running backs than Charlie Spreyer. If Burnham plays for Yale, there will be little to choose between the forward walls. Yale is underrated, but both teams have come a long way since September. I'll give the Crimson a one-touchdown advantage."

Fred Lane of the American: "Harvard of course, 21 to 7. Look at the Crimson showing since the first of November. While the backfield is a toss-up, the Crimson line is sixty per cent better. The whole team is stronger and smarter.

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