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Many Harvard Clubs throughout the Country will hold their customary Christmas meetings and receptions for students from the University at home during the holidays.

Through the columns of the CRIMSON the Clubs extend a hearty invitation not only to all students but to all officers and members of the Harvard Club nearest to them during the Christmas recess.

The following Clubs have announced plans for the meetings; where the time and place is not given, it is suggested that inquiry be made of the Club Secretary:

Harvard Association of Eastern New York--

Allen G. Barry '28, 158 State Street, Albany, New York.

Harvard Club of Birmingham--

C. F. Zukoski, Jr., '19, First National Bank of Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama.

Harvard Club of Buffalo--

James F. Foster '17, 77 Swan Street, Buffalo, New York.

Harvard Club of Central Ohio--

Thomas H. Denney L. '24, The Ohio Fuel Gas Company, Columbus, Ohio.

Harvard Club of Chicago--

Howard F. Gillette '35, 164 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois.

Luncheon--Thursday, December 26, at 12:30 in the Red Lacquer Room of the Palmer House.

Harvard Club of Cincinnati--

George A. Thayer '34, Fifth Floor, Union Trust Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Smoker--Friday, December 27, from 4 to 6 o'clock in the afternoon at The University Club.

Harvard Club of Cleveland--

Arthur W. Todd '35, Cleveland Trust Company, Cleveland, Ohio.

Luncheon--Saturday, December 28, at 12:15 at the Midday Club, 21st Floor of the Union Commerce Building of Cleveland.

Harvard Club of Dallas--

Lawrence Marcus '38, Oakwood Lane, Dallas, Texas.

Harvard Club of Des Moines--

Kenneth Colton '36, State Historical Building, Des Moines, Iowa.

Harvard Club of Fairmont--

James O. Watson '97, Fairmont, West Virginia.

Harvard Club of Indiana--

Harold R. Woodard, '33, 1019-31 Security Trust Building, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Harvard Club of Kansas City--

Everett A. TenBrook L. '32, 2107 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

Harvard Club of Kentucky--

Alexander G. Booth '30, Washington Building, Louisville, Kentucky.

Harvard Club of Louislana--

Robert G. Polack L. '25, 1424 Whitney Building, New Orleans.

Harvard Club of Maryland--

H. Warren Buckler, Jr., '28, Baltimore Life Building, Baltimore, Maryland.

Harvard Club of Michigan--

Lawrence B. Freeburn '34, 1143 West Six Mile Road, Detroit, Michigan.

Harvard Club of Milwaukee--

Ernst J. von Briesen '29, 135 W. Wells Street, Milwaukee, Wiscousin.

Luncheon--Monday, December 30, at 12:15, at the University Club. All Wisconsin men now at Harvard will be welcome.

Harvard Club of Minnesota--

Frederick W. Thomas '39, Northwestern Bank Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Harvard Club of Philadelphia--

Paul Tappan '09, 123 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"Father and Son" buffet luncheon--Monday, December 30, at 12:30 p.m., in the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel.

Harvard Club of Rochester--

E. Blakeney Gleason G.B. '27, 1000 University Avenue, Rochester, New York.

Luncheon--Saturday, December 28, at 12:30, at the University Club in Rochester.

Harvard Club of St. Louis--

Archer O'Reilly, Jr. '31, 1403 Pierce Building, St. Louis, Missouri.

Luncheon--Thursday, December 26, at 12:30, at the Statler Hotel.

Harvard Club of Scarsdale--

Robert F. Duncan, 140 Nassau Street, New York, New York.

Harvard Club of Syracuse--

Chester H. King, Jr. '34, State Tower Building, Syracuse, New York.

Luncheon--Saturday, December 28, at 1:00. For place write Mr. King.

The Rocky Mountain Harvard Club--

Thomas B. Knowles, '34, 724-17th St., Denver, Colorado.

Harvard Club of Topeka--

George William Snyder, Jr. GB '29, Topeka, Kansas.

Harvard Club of Washington, D. C.--

John H. Pratt '30, 905 American Security Building, Washington, D. C.

Luncheon--Saturday, December 28, at 1:15, at the Army and Navy Club.

Harvard Club of West Virginia--

Wayne A. Rich L '38, Charleston National Bank Building, Charleston, West Virginia.

Harvard Club of Western Michigan--

Daniel W. Litscher '34, 1203 Hope Street, S. E., Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Harvard Club of Western Pennsylvania--

Richard L. Stites '34, Peoples Building, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Reception--Monday, December 30, at 12:15, at the Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club.

Harvard Club of Western South Carolina--

Daniel W. Willis, GB '33, Glenn Building, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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