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Aid to England in one degree or an other is favored by 87 percent of the undergraduate body according to a sampling poll conducted last week by the Student Defense League and released today.

The "scientific sample of public opinion," if it is correct, shows that almost half of the student body is in favor of going to war if necessary. 16.3 per cent are in favor of military aid to Britain immediately and another 31.7 per cent would be willing to go to war only if England were in imminent danger of defeat.

Almost an eighth or 10.9 per cent, of the College students are in favor only of limited material aid and 28.2 per cent would like to see full material aid without any military aid in any case.

The League's newspaper, "Defense," in which the results of the poll are published today, calls the results proof of "the falsity of charges that Harvard is a hotbed of radicals, cynics, and pacifists." The poll was taken on the system of the Gallup researches into public opinion, questioning a cross-section of the students.

The Executive Comittee of the Defense League last night decided to approve the work camps which have been under discussion for the past few weeks and to send a delegate to the student service meeting in New Jersey over the vacation.

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