Foreign News on File At Language Center

Clippings, Maps Enable Students to Fellow War

By bringing a little of the old world into the College, the language center on the third floor of the Union affords students a chance to dip into French and German culture at their leisure. Although emphasizing contemporary literature, the library contains many classic works in its 3000 book collection.

In order that students may follow the course of the French Republic since is defeat, and interpret accurately the actions of the French colonies, the four instructors in charge of the Union post daily maps and clippings concerning the French Empire. All recent books on the downfall of France are in the library as is also a great deal of other material not available in Widener.

150 Books in Use

Between 40 and 50 men use the language center daily and there are about 150 books in circulation. Because of limited appropriations many of the 55 new books added this season have been donations by faculty members.

Only one periodical from either France or Germany is now received. It is a conservative Nazi newspaper published in Frankfort and reaches Cambridge via Siberia and Alaska.

Kept in the center but not actually a part of it is the Union record collection of 150 selections, 5 or 6 of these are used every day.

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