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By Evan Calkins

Rinning their men in three bouts, and gaining a referee's decision in two of the remaining five fights, the grapplers Brounced an unusually potent Engineer delegation 21 to 13 in the season opener Saturday. The Yardlings, however, dropped their match 28 to 5.

Johnny Burnham, of last year's Yardling squad, gave the meet a good start by downing Cyrus Kano, of Tech in the 321-pound class. Burnham won the scrap by a reverse body press, in eight and a half minutes just short of the nine minute deadline.

Schoenberg Stars

One hundred and twenty-eight pound Ted Schoenberg made it unanimous by pinning Warren Schwarzman twice in seven minutes in the next bout. Ted used a reverse body lock the first time, and did it again with a three-quarters nelson.

The most surprising event of the afternoon was Dick Davidson's victory in the 165-pound group. Although Dick is a Senior, this is his first year on the Varsity mat. He pinned his opponent in seven minutes, with a half nelson and body press. The two three-point tallies were garnered by Rax Stone and Dick Thomas.

Starring for the Techmen were 165-pound Bob Fettis, one-time New England interscholastic wrestling champ, and 185-pound John Carleton, only Engineer to win his bout against last year's team. Sophomore Jim Higgins held out against the former for nearly six minutes in the toughest fight of the afternoon.

He was finally pinned by a chancery and a half nelson while another half nelson spelled the doom of Dick Aldrich, at the hands of Carloton. In the final bout, heavyweight Tom Rogstad lost to his Tech opponent by referee's decision.

Partial vengeance was afforded the Engineers in their overwhelming victory in the Freshman contest. Except for a less by decision and a draw, the Tech first year men took every match. Bobby King pulled down the three points in a very one-sided tussle in the 145-pound class, while Buck Marshall wrestled to a draw in the 128-pound group.

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