Indians Weak for Quad Meet, Sustain Injuries; Defeated by Bowdoin

Strong, However, in Sprints, Broad, and High Jumps

Defeated 66 1/2 to 50 1/2 by a supposedly weak Bowdoin, hampered by scholastic difficulties, and plagued with injuries, the Dartmouth track team is probably about the same as last year--pretty weak.

Before that meet, Coach Harry Hillman and his charges had hopes of taking a second in the Quadrangular Meet, but now the weaknesses have been accentuated, and they feel that even a third would be a welcome sight.

The strongest events on the team are the broad jump and the high jump where Dartmouth could pick up some points. Don Blount, a Junior, has been doing between 6 feet 2 and 6 feet 4 in the high jump and between 22 feet and 24 feet in the broad. Andy Hunter and Larry Andrews are almost up to Blount's ability.

In the pole vault, which is usually a weak event, Dick Godrey and Dave Warren have been flirting with 13 feet, which is extraordinary for Dartmouth, but questionable in Quad competition.

The running events have been considerably weakened by the loss of Staff King, the 600 man, through probation, and Hal Wonson of the 1000 and mile with an injured leg.