Victory-Starved Schussmen Gain Signal Triumph--Yardling Goldthwaite Is Winner of Harvard Race

Captain Tom Winship and four teammates, Del Ames, Lloyd Butterfield, Roger Wilson, and Alfred Eipper, were victorious over Dartmouth, Yale, Amherst, Middlebury, and Williams ski teams at the Williams carnival Saturday and Sunday. This was the first major ski win within the memory of anyone now in college. Winship finished third and Ames fourth in the downhill, which was held on the Thunderbolt Trail under icy conditions. The jumping was the last event held on the 35 mete hill, where the Crimson team made a perfect record, thus bringing their total score to 465.15 and edging out the Dartmouth second team by 21 points.

The annual Harvard Race was won unexpectedly yesterday morning by a Yardling, Dave Goldthwaite, whose time over the bumpy and icy Sherbourne Trail on Mt. Washington was 2:30. Bungy King came a close second with Bill Thurston right on his heels, all three coming in within four seconds of each other.

The first twenty in order are: Dave Goldthwaite, Bungy King, Bill Thurston, Dick Whittemore, John Burr, Harry Motley, Dick Shepley, Captain Tom Winship, Finn Ferner, Fred Coolidge, Herb Weiner, Eliot Richardson, Buck Anderson, Gerry Davis, Ed Dickson, Herby Greene, Harry Hollmeyer, Fred Peccy-Blunt, Dave Wilson, Steve Bittenbender, and Phil Field.