University Takes Part in Probating Of Adams Grant

Conflicting Statements Issued By University Officials About Case

Despite contradictory reports by Boston papers and Jerome D. Greene '04, Secretary to the Corporation, the University is concerned with the litigation over the will of Carolyn J. Adams, now being protested in the Suffolk County Probate Court.

The will left the principal of the estate in trust and one quarter of the income was to be given to M. I. T., another to Harvard and the rest to charitable institutions. The will is now being contested by some of the heirs who claim that Mrs. Adams was "unsound in mind."

No Communism

The heirs cite the part of the will in which Mrs. Adams expresses the hope that none of her money should be given to institutions which teach "Communism, Bolshevism, or other subversive doctrines."

In a letter to the CRIMSON yesterday Mr. Greene said, "I am told by the Treasurer's Office that Harvard University is not a party to any proceedings on the will and has no official knowledge of it."

The Treasurer's Office told the CRIMSON yesterday, however, that the University was following the case through its attorneys and that its counsel is constantly in touch with the proceedings.

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