Yale Swamps Ulenmen 55-20, As Cutler Stars for Crimson

NEW HAVEN, Conn,--Yale's magnificent swimmers overcame the Crimson tankmen, 55 to 20 this evening in a bitterly contested meet in the exhibition pool of the Payne Whitney gymnasium. The Elis clinched the affair after they swept first and second places in the breastroke.

Captain Eric Cutler ended his Harvard dual meet career in a blaze of glory, taking two second places in the 220 and 440 behind Howie Johnson and Renc Chouteau respectively.

For the Freshmen, Captain Bus Curwen stood out with two firsts in the 220 and 440, but his team lost to the Eli Cubs, 50 to 25.

Varsity Summary:

300 Medley Relay: Won by Yale (White, Gesner, Pope); second, Harvard (Harris, Kraus, Bosworth). Time 2:59.8.

220 Free Style: Won by Johnson (Y); second, Cutler (B); third, Sanburn, (Y). Time 2:12.6.

50 Free Style: won by Duncan, (Y); second, Britton (Y); third, Curwen, (H). Times 23.6.

3-Meter Dive: won by Cook (Y) 141.3 points; second, Munding (Y) 123.03; third, Sagenkahn (H), 110.46.

100 Free Style: won by Curwen (H); second, MacLeman, (Y); third, Powers (H). Time 53.6.

150 Backstroke: won by Bosworth (H); second, Brueckel (Y); third, White (Y). Time 1:14.2

200 Breastroke: won by Meyer (Y); second, Kleppinger (Y); third, Waldron, (H). Time 2:26.3.

440 Free Style: won by Chouteau, (Y); second, Cutler (H); third, Jaffray, (Y). Time 4:52.4.

400 Relay: won by Yale (Higgins, Snyder, Duncan, Johnson); second, Harvard (Powers, Stowell, Van Vort, Curwen). Time 3:36.2.

Freshman Summary:

300 Medley Relay: won by Yale (Anderson, Burns, Talbott); second, Harvard, (Drucker, Honston, Whoriskey). Time 3:08.9.