Williams Reports On Littauer Work During Past Year

Graduate Study and Research Are Integrated by the Center, Says Dean

Pointing out that in addition to the 30 students included in the actual School of Public Administration over 100 from other Graduate Schools participated in the work of the Littauer Center during the past year, Dean John H. Williams emphasized the service of the Center in integrating graduate study and research in his annual report yesterday.

Headed by James Farley, John M.D. Hamilton, Rexford Tugwell, and Marriner Eccles over 200 government officials, leaders in public affairs and visiting scholars took part in the eleven seminars offered by the school.

An important innovation during the year was the assumption by the school of the administration of the Fellowships in Preparation for the Government Service, formerly handled by a committee under Carl J. Friedrich, professor of Government.

It was further announced that the Rockfeller Foundation has awarded the Graduate School a five-year grant to "assist in the development of the general program of training in the government service."

Of the 14 men holding the Littauer Fellowships at the School last year, nine went into United States government positions; two are conducting research at the Brookings Institute; one is teaching at Harvard and another, detailed here for a year by the army, has resumed his teaching at West Point.