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King Outstanding as Green Cops First Four Places; Large Entrance


In the midst of a raging wind the Harvard Ski Club edged Dartmouth Saturday in the slalom race by the margin of 50 seconds although the Big Green copped the first four positions.

The race was held on the giant Slalom of the Sherbourne trail since the high winds made racing in the ravine unsafe. As a result of an increase in the blizzard Sunday the Inferno race was postponed probably until next Sunday. The site of Saturday's race was the same as that of the Harvard race of three weeks ago.

A larger number of participants with better average ability made the Crimson victory possible despite the lack of individual brilliance. Harry Chivers' excellent 2.36.8 time was the outstanding performance of the day leading the field by five seconds.

King Stars

Bungle King turned in the best performance for Harvard closely following the leading Dartmouth men with a 2.46 performance which was nine seconds better than the next time. Within three seconds of each other were Dartmouth's McLane, Wentworth and Meserve, the latter edging King by two tenths of a second.

Sixth and seventh also went to Dartmouth with Tobin and Halsey turning in 2.55.4 and 2.56.4 records. The next six places went to the Crimson in the following order: Finn Ferner, 2.58.2; Wakeman, 2.59.0; Winship 2.59.2, tied with Hunter of Dartmouth; Thomas, 3.02.4, and Skinner 3.06.0.

Others racing for Harvard in the order in which they finished were: Sheldon, J., 3.09.8; Sise, A. 3.10.1; Garrett, 3.13.0, W. Thurston, 3.20; H. Wolverine, 3.20.2; E. M, Dickson, 3.22. The last six Crimson competitors times didn't count in the totals as Dartmouth had only fourteen men skiing. They were Wilson, R., 3.23.6; Streeter Bass, 3.25.6; Whittemore, R. 3.35.0; Wigglesworth, E. 3.38.0; Weiner, H. 3.43.2; Pickhard, F. 4.02.0, and Emmons, A. B. in 4.18.4.

Score was computed on a basis of total times of the best fourteen on each side. On account of the bad conditions it was particularly hard to time accurately and as a result considerable confusion prevailed.

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