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Professor Sees Russian Desire to Lessen Nazi Gains in Case Of Victory


"The Russians will take no steps to make Germany stronger," said Albert Bushell Hart '80, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government, emeritus, in an interview Saturday.

In reply to the question of Russian aid to Germany Professor Hart commented that it is to the Russians' interest to keep Germany weak in event of victory, and that her main concern is in the East, not in Scandinavia.

Russo-German Break

"Russia will not enter the war situation for its health, but to take from Germany what it can get. Nobody seems to realize that Germany can win this war without Russian assistance and that Russia will certainly not allow peace terms to be dictated by Germany which might affect the Russian future.

"There is bound to be an estrangement between Russia and Germany. I believe that the Germans could be snuffed out in about six months if Russian so desired. It is not to the Russian interest that Germany should be a great power. Notice that the Russians are slow to come to the aid of Germany now."

Professor Hart also foresees trouble in Russia as indicated by the Finnish war. "The fact that Finland has withstood Russia for such a long time indicated that any section of Russia might be able to arise in revolt and get away with it for some time."

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