Can Calloway, noted orchestra leader, heads the list of prominent entertainers to perform at the annual. Freshman Smoker in Saunders Theatre, Tuesday night, April 30. Previously announced as Thursday, April 26, the date has been changed because of complications in plans.

Also booked for the evening is the winner of the New England jam session this winter, Tasker Crosson, who is preparing to give a hot half-hour of swing with his 12-piece Negro orchestra.

Betty Randall, formerly in the Rainbow Room, who now sings for the National Broadcasting Company, will add feminine charm, singing a few of the latest song hits.

Ray Bolger, the Tin Man in "The Wizard of Oz" and a famed tap dancer, Virginia O'Brien, co-starring with Bolger in "Keep of the Grass," opening in Boston April 29 may possibly appear with other members of the cast, while Ray Guild, winner of first prize in the Freshman Amateur Hour Wednesday night, and the Wessel brothers, who appeared on Major Bowes program and are now in Steubens in Boston, have a series of impersonations to amuse the crowd.

Plans for a proposed wrestling bout, transplanted from the Boston Garden as a sports feature, are still indefinite.

As usual all refreshments to the Yardlings will be free, 3000 cigarettes, tobacco, and pipes from Leavitt and Pierce and Chesterfield, ice cream from Hood's and drinks supplied by Coca Cola, and Pepsi-Cola, will be distributed after the show.

The program will include an additional list of stars, but as yet none are certain and their names have not yet been revealed by the Committee.