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Ann Sheridan will root for Princeton. She'll attend the Harvard-Princeton game at Cambridge November 2. She'll be cheering in the Tiger ranks.

"I pick Princeton to beat Harvard at anything," the Oomph Girl told the Sunday News yesterday. "My congratulations to Princeton where ivy clings to its traditions without obliterating the common amenities.

"I have about decided that the Glamour one looks for in college men is in the case of Harvard men completely overgrown with ivy. I am sure the founders of Harvard chose Crimson as the college color with rare foresight, to match the blushes of embarrassment at all the boners pulled by Harvard men. Princeton's Orange and Black symbolize the combination of golden sunshine to light the way to learning, and darkness to shut out snobbishness. That's why I pick Princeton to beat Harvard at anything." --Princeton Sunday News.   (Ed. note: Roses are red, violets are blue-- Chaque personne a son propre gout.)

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