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Trip South Indicates Shortstop Is Stahl's Big Problem; Torbie Leads Batsmen

By Joseph P. Lyford

Floyd Stahl's Crimson nine returned to Cambridge yesterday from a week-long holiday trip to the South, during which Harvard beat North Carolina 6-5 and Navy 9-6, while dropping contacts to Georgetown, Duke, Army, and Columbia.

Fine weather enabled the Stahlmen to play every scheduled game, in contrast to last year when all but two dates were rained out. Consequently the trip should be tagged a success, in spite of the Crimson's poor won-and-less record, culminating in an 11-inning less to Columbia Saturday. Tom Healey was the victim of the 7-6 defeat, which began the Eastern Intercollegiate League season.

Definite Lineup

With performances in six games to go by in judging his players, Stahl has been able to work out a fairly definite lineup to start this Saturday at Tuffs. Ed Buckley seems to be the answer to the pressing second base problem. While shaky in the field, the Minnesota Sophomore demonstrated that he can hit, bingling seven times out of 20 for an average of 350.

In the outfield, Torbie Macdonald turned in the squad's beat record at bat, garnering 10 bingles out of 25 times at bat for a cool 400 listing. Gene Lovett and Les Pitchford, the two remaining gardeners, were disappointing in their performance at the plate

Regan Catches Well

Bob Regan has solved another big problem with his capable work behind the plate. Although his hitting faded after the North Carolina game, in which he poled a home run. Regan has handled his catching assignment remarkably well, playing errorless ball and giving up no passed pitches. His defensive superiority has gained him the call over Charley Spreyer.

In the pitching department, only one significant change may occur as a result of the trip. Lon Clay's two wins may put him in ahead of Charley Brackett as the Crimson's number two pitcher. Although losing against Columbia in extra innings, Captain Tom Healey showed himself to be rounding into good form by going the entire eleven frames.

Shortstep Weak

Shortstep still remains a question mark and the probable weak spot. Fred Keyes failed to connect well at the plate and committed five misplays on the Dixie jaunt. However, with no experienced reserve material in the position, Stahl will be obliged to rely on Keyes to bring him self out of the slump.

Harvard's early season batting order will probably see third baseman Rob Fulton lead off, followed by Macdonald in center field, Buckley at second, Levett in right, Pitchford in left. Still Tally at first, Keyes at short, Regan catching, and Healey. Clay, and Brackett doing the hurling.

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