Cindermen Vie for Ivy League Title in Heptagonal Tomorrow

Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale Compete

Jaakko Mikkola and his cinder pounders will meet six other college tomorrow at Franklin Field in Philadelphia for the mythical championship of the Ivy League. Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale will vie with the Crimson in the annual heptagonal.

Last year's winner, Cornell, seems well out of the running for the crown but should wind up no worse than fourth in the final standings. The championship seems to lie betwen the members of the Big Three.

Popular pre-game choice for the meet is Yale, but it is certain that they will have some real opposition from Harvard and Princeton. So evenly matched are the three teams that they will probably not be separated by more than five points in the final standings.

Dope sheets concede Yale between 45 and 56 points, but it is extremely doubtful if the eventual winner will garner more than 50 points. The Elis' strength in the hurdles, pole vault, and javelin throw bids fair to turn the tide in favor of the Blue.

Yale Strong in Hurdles

In both the high and low hurdles Yale has a trio in Day, Osborn, and Shields who threaten to sweep the event. Since only two men may be used in an event, Shields and Day will probably get the call. Already this year Shields has done 14.3 seconds in the highs and 23.2 seconds in the lows. Despite the brilliance of Don Donahue, Yale is conceded 30 points in hurdle events, although Donahue may be able to best Shields in the lows.

The Mikkolamen will be seriously handicapped by the fact that they have conceded the dashes, thereby spotting the other Ivy Leaguers several points. Were Torby Macdonald able to compete he would have provided the Crimson with a few sorely needed points in the dashes, but there is now no one who could hope to compete with Hughes of Penn, Ritter of Dartmouth, and Jackson of Princeton all of whom have beaten ten seconds in the 100.

If the cindermen turn in par performances Yale should win the meet with about 50 points with the Crimson following close behind with 48 and Princeton with 47. Cornell, Penn, and Columbia should be in a close tangle for the other places and probably will finish in that order with Columbia brining up the year. Wins in either of the hurdles or the two-mile run would result in a Harvard victory.