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Proctors in the Harvard College dormitories for the coming academic year were announced today, as follows:

Those who will serve as proctors for the first time are; in Freshman dormitories: Albert Damon '38, of Brookline; Eric W. Johnson '40, of Gladwyne, Pa.; James D. Malcolmson Jr. '40, of Larchmont, N. Y.; Roland A. Maxwell '40, of St. Albans, W. Va.; Douglas, Mercer '40, of Brookline; Phil C. Neal '40, of Oak Park, III.; Thomas H. E. Quimby '40, of Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Thomas W. Stephenson '37, of Wilmington, Del.

Proctors in outside dormitories are: Lawrence F. Ebb '39, of Dorchester, John P. Floyd, A.M. '39, of Pasadena, Calif.; Ralph E. Ladd Jr., A.M. '36, of Ipswich, James S. Lanigan '39, of Greeley, Nebr.; and Eugene H. Walker '37, of New York, N. Y.

Reappointed Proctors Listed

Present proctors reappointed are James R. Balsley Jr., of Stamford, Conn.; Edward L. Barnes '38, of Chicago, III.; Howard F. Bennett A.M. '39, Assistant in History; Gustav Bergson A.M. '36, Instructor in Physics and Communication Engineering; Carl L. Billman '35, Assistant in History; Arthur R. Borden Jr. '39, of Roslindale, Francis G. Collier A.M. '33, of West Somerville.; John L. Dampeer '38, of Cleveland, O.; Walter H. Ellis Jr. of Buffalo, N. Y.; Felowes D. Gardner '38, of Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y.; Floyd K. Haskell '37, of Morristown, N. J.; Frank W. Hatfield '38, of Ashland, Pa.; Christopher Huntington '32, Assistant in German; Francis Keppel '38, Assistant Dean of Harvard College; George F. Lowman '38, of New Canaan, Conn.; George von L. Meyer Jr. '38, of Hamilton; Fred W. Peel Jr. '39, of Danville, Ky.; Allen E. Puckett '39, Assistant in Applied Mechanics; Robert E. Rogers '38, of Chicago, III.; Rich-H. Sullivan '39, of Marietta, O.; Oscar Sutermeister '32, of Kansas City, Mo.; Donald C. Thompson A.M. '35, Instructor in English; James Tobin '39, of Champaign, III.; and Caspar W. Weinberger '38, of San Francisco, Calif.

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