First of Intercollegiate Programs Will Celebrate Reconstruction of Colonial Hall

Launching the first of five weekly broadcasts marking the beginning of operations, the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, first of its kind in the country, will send out to its campus listeners a program from Brown University tomorrow night.

The program will be an undergraduate celebration marking the completion of the Colonial reconstruction of University Hall, Brown's original "college edifice" of 1770. Rebuilt by the same architects who had charge of the Colonial restorations at Williamsburg, Va., University Hall is now considered one of the finest examples of interior Colonial design in the country.

With the cooperation of WRUL of Boston, educational short-wave station of the World Wide Broadcasting Foundation, the program will be wired to Boston through the facilities of the Brown Network, the university's pioneer wired radio frequency system and originator of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.

WRUL will broadcast the program from 8 until 8:30, Eastern daylight saving time. Receiving stations at more than half a dozen colleges and universities have been arranged to pick up the University Hall celebration and distribute it over their campus networks. East of Pittsburgh the program can be tuned in at 6:04 megacycles, and at 11:79 mega-cycles in the West.

Colleges using the broadcast for their campus stations, in addition to Brown and Pembroke College, will be Harvard, Williams, Wesleyan, the University of Connecticut, Columbia and Rhode Island State College, according to the latest report from the Brown Network and IBS staffs.

Although the program can be heard by anyone with a radio equipped to pick up short-wave broadcasts, the IBS board pointed out today that the campus network rebroadcasts will enable hundreds of college students wthout short-wave sets to hear the University Hall celebration. Four other programs will be relayed from Brown and WRUL on Fridays at 8-o'clock during May.