Victor Over Navy, Tiger Eight Threatens Favored Crimson Oarsmen

Still apprehensive, even after the results of last week's regatta in the Basin, the Varsity and Junior Varsity oarsmen today face M.I.T. for the second time and a powerful, expectant Princeton eight that is determined to sweep the waters of Lake Carnegie and win the Compten Cup.

The Tiger crew, riding high after its unexpected win over Navy two Saturdays ago, has turned into a real threat this season and will undoubtedly give the more experienced Crimson eight a tough battle all the way with a good chance of scoring an upset victory.

When they decided to journey to Poughkeepsie this June, the Princeton oarsmen set a high goal but the results so far show they were not as far wrong as it seemed.

Jack Wilson's eight, on the other hand, has suffered considerably this spring from lack of practice, and although it defeated Tech and Syracuse without too much trouble last week, time trials show it to be ten seconds behind Bill Rowe's boat of a year ago, which took the Tigers by two and a half lengths on the Charles.

Will Be Close Race

With Princeton considerably better and Harvard comparatively worse than last year the race promises to be close, but the Crimson eight still remains the favorite, with an experienced boat and a fighting stroke that make a hard combination to beat.

After their showing last week against Harvard and Syracuse, the Techmen will probably furnish little opposition to the Crimson and Tiger eights. Their improvement this spring has again put them in the running, but they never threatened Wilson's boat in the Rowe Cup Regatta, and have little prospect of doing so this afternoon.

J.V.s Have Tough Fight

In the only other Harvard race of the afternoon, the Jayvees also will have a nip and tuck battle with the Bengain. The Princeton second boat has kept close to its varsity all season and is out to avenge its defeat by six feet at the hands of the midshipmen two weeks ago.

The Crimson J.V, eight, which only led M.I.T. by a length and finished three seconds slower than the Yardling boat last Saturday, will have to show considerable improvement to edge its Princeton rivals.