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The Moviegoer

At the U. T.


Carrying on in the William Powell-Myrna Loy tradition, Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell succeed with little effort in becoming entangled in a theft and murder mystery. A mad whirl that includes to murders and two trips to the underworld is started by the theft of a priceless Shakespearean manuscript. As the plot swirls and eddies, our hero Joel Sloane, a dealer in rare books, emerges unscathed from an arrest by the police, an attempted seduction, and a gruesome automobile accident. But all ends happily when Joel is shot in the seat by his wife, though the title "Fast and Loose" is inadequate to describe the pace.

"Stand Up and a Fight," co-starring Robert Taylor and Wallace Beery, is another fairly successful effort to make a man out of the ladies' delight. From a southern plantation where Taylor, as Blake Cantrell, an idly rich orphan, is presiding over a hunt meet, the scene shifts rapidly to the roisterous frontier rivalry of a stage line, run by Wallace Beery, and the nascent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Forced to sell his plantation, Taylor becomes involved in the general struggle for a livelihood. He sprouts a beard, learns to use a six-shooter to drive nails with, and succeeds in becoming so tough that he can lick Wallace Beery. Florence Rice appears as the owner of the state line, and provides the romantic element. However, our Bob has learned to put business before pleasure and it is only after he has settled accounts with Beery that he succumbs to the charms of Susan. Seasoned as it is with occasional gun-play, the film makes a digestible ocular meal.

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