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Eight more names were added to complete the list of 1940-41 Student Council members on Monday night when the nine men elected last week met and appointed five additional Juniors and three additional Sophomores to the Council ranks.

From the Class of '41 were named Benjamin A. Barnes of Chicago and Winthrop House; Joseph P. Lyford of Westport, Connecticut and Lowell House; Alan Gottlieb of Winnetka, Illinois, and Kirkland House; Charles Gillfix, Jr. of Revere; and Harry Hornblower, Jr. of Boston.

Sophomores chosen were Harrison T. Blaine of Hewlett, L. I., New York; John P. Bunker of West Roxbury; and John C. Robbins, Jr. of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Hornblower Appointment Special

The appointment of Hornblower as the representative of the out-of-House resident of the College was made despite the fact that he took a year's leave of absence to go to California. He will maintain his status as a member of the class of '41 when he returns next year and will take over his Council duties at that time.

The nine elected representatives include six Juniors and three Sophomores. Langdon P. Marvin, Jr., Homer D. Peabody, Spencer Klaw, E. Langdon Burwell, Seth C. Grocker, and David D. Henry are the Juniors elected, while Loren G. MacKinney, Endicott Peabody 2nd, and Eugene D. Kelth will represent the Sophomores.

First meeting of the complete Council will take place next Monday afternoon at 5:15 o'clock in the Council office. The representatives will elect the officers for next year and hear the reports from the outgoing officers.

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