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Awards totalling $32,770 to fifty-five men for study in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences during the next academic year, were announced by the University yesterday as follows:

John Thornton Kirkland fellowship to Howard F. Cline, of Indianapolis, Ind.

Henry Lee memorial fellowship to Gardner Patterson 1G, of Burt, Ia.

Arthur Lehman fellowships to John L. Cobb III, of Larchment, N. Y.; Thomas W. Dakin 2G, of Minneapolis, Minn.; Maxwell F. C. Day 2G, of Killara, N. S. W., Australia; Samuel F. Johnson, of W., Australia; Samuel F. Johnson, of Upper Darby, Pa.; John F. Ohl 2G, of Evanston, Ill.; Joseph L. Sullivan, of Austin, Tex.; and Horbert B. Woolley 1G, of Silverspring. Md.

Forris Jewett Moore scholarship to Julian J. Leavitt 1G, of Boston, Mass. Elkan Naumberg followship and Walter W. Naumberg fellowship to William W. Austin 1G, of Berea, Ohio.

Robert Treat Paine fellowship to Robert F. Bales, of Wallowa, Ore.

Francis Parkman fellowship to Pitt S. Willand 1G, of Batavia, N. Y.

James Mills Peirce scholarship to Robert E. O'Conner, of Weston, Mass.

Rantoul scholarship to Mahln B. Smith, of Coruallis, Ore.

James Rogers Rich scholarships to Martin S. Soria 1G, of Hendaye, France; and Hoinz Thannhauser 2G, Paris, France.

Henry Bromfield Rogers memorial fellowship to Samuel S. Stratton 2G, of Holley, N. Y.

Edward Russell scholarship to Peter R. Morrison, of Washington, D. C.

Sachs research fellowships in fline arts to James S. Kronthal 2G, of New York, N. Y.; and William R. Tyler 1G, of Cambridge, Mass.

Leverett Saltonstall scholarship to Richard J. Storr, of Olivet, Mich.

Ralph Sanger scholarships to Andrew O. Jaszi 2G, of Oberlin, Ohio; and John Landward, of Salt Lake City, Utah.

James Savage scholarship to Carl D. Sheppard Jr. 1G, of Akron, Ohio.

Michael J. Norris 1G, of Minneapolis, George William Sawin fellowship to Minn.

Phillip H. Sears scholarship to Jesse De Boer 1G, of Grand Rapids, Mich.

Shattuck scholarships to Panl F. Bosco 2G, of Detroit, Mich.; Thomas E. Caywood, of Lake Park, Iowa; Robert H. Lieyellyn 1G, of Hatboro, Pa; Franklin B. Newman 1G, of Westchester, Pa.; and Roy E. Wiggin 1G, of Peabody, Mass. and Roy E. Wiggin 1G, of Peabody, Mass.

Thayer followships to Duncan J. McDonald, of Dalhousie St., Que., Canada; Paul M. Marcus, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; and Arthur L. Selikowitz 2G, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Thayer scholarships to Reginald H. Haskins, of North Bay, Out., Canada; Richard W. B. Lewis, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Ross F. Lockridge, Jr., of Bloomington, Ind.; and Charles H. Vivian, of Elizabeth, N. J.

Gorham Thomas scholarship to Thomas C. Daly, of Toronto, Ont., Canada.

Townsend scholarships to Edward M. Davis Jr., of Shirley, Mass.; and Milton T. Heald, of Woburn, Mass.

John Tyndall scholarship to Henry Hurwitz Jr. 2G, of New York, N. Y.

Wales scholarship to John C. Pelzel 2G, of Philadelphia, Pa.

James Walker fellowship to Paul C. Hoover 1G, of Millersville, Pa.

Christopher M. Weld scholarship to Kenneth C. Clark, of Austin, Tex.

Whiting fellowships to Francis G. Blake Jr. 1G, of New Haven, Conn.; Ralph S. Hendeson 1G, of Assiut, Egypt; John A. Sauer 1G, of Elizabeth, N. J.; are Alan M. Therndike, of Montrose, N. Y.

Willard scholarship to Frederic E. Pamp, of Evanston, III.

Jay Backus Woodworth felowships to James D. Weir 1G, of Saskatoon, Sask., Canada; and Gratian M. Yatesevitch, of Cornish, N. Y.

James H. Woods fellowships to George D. W. Berry 2G, of Cambridge, Mass.

Jeffries Wyman scholarship to James M. Sprague, of Kansas City, Mo.

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