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The Press


Hitler and Hitlerism must be destroyed. Either Hitlerism will destroy America or America will destroy Hitlerism. The whole American people should become regimented in the undivided purpose of destroying the Germanic monster. Hitler has preached the total war. Let him get it. It will spell total destruction for him. But we shall save America. Edward Holton James '96,   --From a letter to the Boston Transcript.

Ed. Note: Mr. James's advice on regimentation is interesting. As the leader of the Red Shirts, he is well qualified to speak on the subject. In his own words last fall, he stated that his idea of "improving America": was to climinate the Catholics and abolish universal suffrage by organizing a Fascist minority which would achieve its aims by means "other than the ballot box." Now he has given advice to the Transcript on how to "save" America.

Save America for whom, Mr. James?

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