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In an interview with the Sunday Advertiser Saturday, Roger B. Merriman '96, Gurney Professor of History and Political Science, warned that of all the countries in the western hemisphere, Mexico is endangered the most by Nazi fifth column activity.

Merriman pointed out that the present Mexican government is very unstable, and after having studied her past history of continued revolts, it is easy to see that the threat of another revolution is great in this uncertain period. On the other hand, Argentina and Brazil, the dominant states of South America, have not shown such a tendency toward revolt in the past and hence are not threatened as much by a revolution effected by the efficient Nazi political machine.

Brazil and Argentina Fairly Safe

"In Brazil," he stated, "the German minority is relatively small, under a million, and it is hard to distinguish between the sympathizers with the old Hohenzollern Germany from those with the new Hitler Germany." He thought that Argentina was on the "right side," and as the German population there is much smaller, the majority of the people being either Italian or Spanish, the sentiments might be considered on the whole to be pre-Ally.

"Everybody is thinking of Mexico, because of what happened in 1917, when German agents attempted to foment a revolution," he reminded. Since there are new some 200 or 300 Nazis acting as secretaries in the consulate in Mexico City a similar occurence may be attempted in the near future.

Immediate Participation Urged

Professor Merriman strongly felt that the United States should not continue her policy of waiting to see what might happen but should enter the war now and thus fight the Germans in France before they come to this hemisphere. "We should fight on the Somme, not in Canada or in Mexico," he asserted.

He felt that the first step that this nation should take is to send planes and other materials to the Allies immediately, then we should send men as soon as we have had time to train them.

Merriman concluded by saying, "There is feeling enough against Hitler in Germany so that if he fails anywhere, the tide will turn against him. There are some human beings left in Germany. If they're given a chance, they'll assert themselves.

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