Square Canvassed By Jehovah's Witnesses

Judge Rutherford's Booklets Tell Fifth Column, Catholic Menace

One of Judge J.F. Rutherford's disciples hit Cambridge yesterday to explain to Harvard the message of Jehovah's witnesses. Although he was unable to get permission to canvass College dormitories, the "witness" cornered students on the Square, selling them pamphlets and telling them about Judge Rutherford's fifth column revelations.

In a booklet entitled "Judge Rutherford Uncovers Fifth Column" published in reply to a questionnaire submitted by the New York Post, Judge Rutherford gives what he calls "the unvarnished facts" about the fifth column menace.

"The real 'fifth column' in America is organized and carried on by 'Catholic Action'," the booklet states. "When the time comes, and that seems to be in the near future, it will be found that there are at least ten million 'fifth columnists' in America, and that ninety percent of these are under the absolute control of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy."


Sees Catholic Menace

Jehovah's witnesses maintain that persecution has been directed against them by the Catholic Hierarchy. "The Roman Catholic Hierarchy, operating what they call 'Catholic Action', are carrying out a well-laid scheme to destroy everything in these world that publishes the truth."


The witnesses would like to contact every student in the College, but owing to a University rule against canvassing in College dormitories, they have been excluded from Harvard property.

Judge Rutherford believes that America, like France, and shortly England, will fall before Hitler and the Catholic Church.

Evidence that the Hierarchy has "cellars or crypts stored" with guns and ammunition has been placed in the hands of the F.B.I., the book stated.