Carnegie Test Determines General Knowledge And Special Abilities

Following the custom of the past few years, the Dean's Office will again give the Graduate Record examinations to all Seniors who wish to take them from February 7 to 11.

These examinations are drawn up by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and are designed to test a student's general knowledge of the entire Liberal Arts course besides the student's own particular field of concentration.

For the past three years the examination has been required for all students entering the non-professional graduate schools of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia. More recently a number of colleges including Harvard and Yale have allowed seniors to take them on a purely voluntary basis without charge.

250 Tested Last Year

Last year 250 Seniors took the examination for the purpose of determining their own abilities, but this is probably the last year that Seniors will be able to avail themselves of the opportunity of taking the examinations free of charge.

Every person who takes the examination will receive a chart of his attainment in the several fields of knowledge tested. The chart gives evidence of the student's accomplishment, which may be used to supplement the information supplied by grades earned in college; it reports the present status of knowledge which the student has accumulated from all sources--independent reading, home background, observation, non-curricular interests, as well as his formal education.

All of the tests are of the objective short answer type. They are intended to provide a reliable quantitative description of the student's knowledge of the different subjects.

Although the results are confidential, any student who is entering a graduate school of some other University may, at his request have the results forwarded to the school: students entering the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences next year who have taken the examination during their Senior year are not required to take it next fall.