Council Approves New Plan To Fill Executive Posts

No longer will the members of the graduating class have exclusive say as to who will be responsible for their Senior Album, since this year's Album Committee, headed by Harry Newman '42, last night established a competitive system whereby three successful contestants, appointed by the preceding Album Committee, will make up half of the normal executive board of six. The remainder will be elected by their classmates as usual.

Getting under way immediately will be the competition for the business manager, whose concern is for the advertising and circulation end of the publication. Candidates should report tomorrow, Friday, or Monday.

Art Contest Next Week

Next week those seeking the art post in charge of photography, layouts, and drawing, will start competing, followed, after November Hours, by competitors for the literary position covering features and class biographies.

Candidates will be picked, one from each group, after the regular Senior Album elections in March have determined the three other members. Then, without necessarily taking into account the results of the competitions, the executive board will elect its own chairman and department heads.


The new plan has received the O.K. of President Eugene D. Keith '42, representing the Student Council.