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HOLLYWOOD, October 13 (By United Press)--Actress Ann Sheridan tonight accepted an offer to become honorary editor of the Harvard Advocate with the observation that Harvard needs Texas football players more than it needs Texas editors.

Miss Sheridan, who has enjoyed several verbal tiffs with Harvard students, wrote the editor of the Advocate--

"Football scores this season indicate that Harvard needs Texas ends more than Texas editors, but I deeply appreciate the Advocate's offer of an honorary editorship. So much has been said about Harvard that I expect to learn many things."

After Miss Sheridan came to Hollywood from Texas a few years ago, Harvard students voted her the actress least likely to succeed. She countered by citing her $100,000 a year salary and asked how much the big brains of Harvard were earning.

On hearing Miss Sheridan's latest witticism, the Lampoon issued the following statement:

"Texas used to be known for its longhorn steaks, but Miss Sheridan has given the state a reputation for ham. May we add, for Miss Sheridan's benefit, that most performers, including football players and movie actresses, turn in bad jobs at one time or another--the only point of distinction being that some of them got paid for their performances."

The Advocate refused to say a word in defense of its latest acquisition.

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