Naval Aviators Will Find Many Harvard Officers

Brower Describes Training in Alumni Bulletin Article

Harvard students and graduates now taking training in Naval aviation unite may well meet numerous alumni during their subsequent work in the Navy, according to an article in the current issue of the Alumni Bulletin.

Several units have passed through the mill already on their way from Harvard to the Navy, says Lieutenant Edward S. Brewer '19, author of the article. Another, with the name "John Harvard Unit" is going through the process of training at the present time.

Those of the Harvard Unit who are sent to Jacksonville, Florida, for advanced training will come under the supervision of Lieutenant Commander Roger W. Cutler '11, wh odestroyed a German submarine by dropping a bomb from his patrol plane on it in July, 1918. At Jacksonville they will also be kept der Gene Tunney and Lieutenant Comphysically fit by Lieutenant Commanmander Edward W. Mahan '16, who was fullback on the Crimson varsity.

Eight-Month Course

The men will have completed their training when they have passed one month at Squantum and seven months more at Jacksonville, Pensacola, or Corpus Christi. At the end of that period they are commissioned either as Ensigns in the Naval Reserve of Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps Reserve, and receive the gold wings of a Naval Aviator.


In active service the aviators may come under the watchful eyes of numerous other college graduates such as William A. Read '18, Theodore P. Grosvenor '20, Robert Payne '20, and Joseph B. Lynch '14.

Among the students are recent graduates now in training are:

1940--Robert H. Fagerland, George H. Shortlidge, John G. Tucker, Howard M. Turner, Jr.

1941--Joseph W. Ahern, Jr., Augustus W. Bigwood, William M. Ellison, Richard S. Eustis, Jr., Walter II. Foster, Jr., Julien D. McKee, Denis J. Maguire, Laurence W. Morgan, Jr., Robert F. Regan, Theodore L. Towksbiry, Jr., Arthur T. Wood.

1942--Charles N. Brush II. Joseph P. Burke, George B. Fotte, Samuel McC. Reed, John D. Rigby, Philip W. Trumbull.

1943--Philip St. G. Field, Roland Kahn, Reginald E. Wigham.