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Extra Enrollees in CAA Pilot Training Course Fill Vacancies at Tufts College

27 Signed Up For Primary Training, 12 For Secondary


With a full quota of fliers already enrolled in the Harvard civilian pilot training course, five more undergraduates are taking the Fall preliminary course by filling in across the river at Tufts, where the supply of vacancies exceed the demand.

They are receiving exactly the same instruction and will get credit at mid-years for a half course by taking the Harvard exam in addition to the regular course exam. Their actual flight training is being done in Piper Cubs at the Bayside Flying School in Revere as opposed to Taylorcrafts for the Harvard group.

Those taking the course at Tufts are: Thomas J. L. Redmond '43, Orme Wilson, Jr., '42. Oliver A Parker '43. William F. Haneman '42, and John Lacey '42.

The final list of those accepted for the Fall course at Harvard includes:

Philip R. Hall, Jr. 21, Richard Bowen '44, Henry B. Dearing Jr. '43, Otto Fiedlen '42, Edward J. Firestone '42, Hausen '44, William L. Rewca Jr., '44, Lawrence Howe, Jr., '42, Proscott F. Huidehoper '43, John J. Madley '44, Clarence F. Michaelle '44, John H. Miller '42, Rufus L. Patterson '44, Pau G. Pennoyer Jr., '42, Robeson Peters '45, Joseph W. Redmond '44, John B. Reinheimer 3GLB, John R. Yeder '44, Michael Zara.

Auditors: Robert S. Benshimel '43, Edward M. Townsend 3rd, '44.

Secondary Course, Fall 1941-42:

Nathan Adler '42, Robert W. Blake 2L, William S. Davis Jr., '44 Lawrence E. Gamble Herbert T. Greene OcC. Firman A. Houghton, Dix Lesson '43, William R. Parsons Jr., '42, Charles F. Howley, Jr., '48, William R. Thurston '42.

Auditors Malcolm P. Murphy '42, Roger E. Tatton '42.

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